Kenji Kumara | THE BLESSINGS

Kenji Kumara | THE BLESSINGS

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Are you ready to embody eternal peace in every fiber of your being? Are you ready to take on responsibility for what you project out to the world? Now you can take ownership and control of your conscious awareness as the creator of your life on all levels.

Come together as one consciousness, one mind, and one heart, as an ambassador of peace to the acceleration of this planet. Be ready as a clear and perfect channel for grace, compassion and wisdom.

On this 4-day activation journey you will be guided through the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Soul Body to release pain, create healing and lift you to a higher level.

Although you can listen to any part of Kenji’s Blessings Intensive in any order, the best way to receive these intensives are in the particular order they were created. The Series are also evergreen; meaning that at any time you need this in your existence it will work for you as if it were live.